Friday, January 8, 2010

IRHM product review: Bern "Baker" helmet

Anyone who has seen me ride anything knows that I'm strangely fond of white helmets. I think it is because I secretly long to look like a rebel soldier.

This fact, as well as my lady-friend knowing me as well as she does, has resulted in my most recent and awesome-est christmas present ever: The Bern Baker.

This fine piece of equipment is super-strong and useful for everything from cycling to skiing to water-sports. On top of all that, it's just about as stylish as a helmet can get. The Bern helmets have a "sink-fit" style of fitting which lovingly cradles the cranium. Plus, the built-in visor is great for keeping the piercing Miami sun out of my eyes, greatly reducing my need for sunglasses or for wearing a cycling cap under my helmet. This is all well and good, but the most ultimately-awesome aspect of this doo-dad is the fact that the winter lining (which can be traded out for a lighter, summer lining) is equipped with built-in speakers! Perfect for jamming out to whatever genius-mix or book-on-tape you've got stored on your mp3 player. Your ears will assuredly be both toasty and entertained.

If I had any issues at all, it would be that the winter lining covers a bit more of my forehead and neck than I'd like. It makes it sort of difficult to keep my head up when I ride. Of course, this is a non-issue with the summer lining, and is largely resultant from my head being about half as long as everyone else's.


  1. Wow, your "lady-friend" sounds awesome! You're so lucky to have one that caters to your every cycling-safety-and-swankily desire! Maybe you should get her an Imperial trooper helmet so that you guys can act out scenes from the trilogy...
    Rogue 1

  2. arthur. i love you. alot. that helmet is sweet. oh, btw, me and chelsea and tyler and etc are starting a rockabilly band. sadly, without you. come to gainesville! bye.

  3. Aw, I love you too! I'm insanely jealous of you and your musical exploits. Expect my flamboyant return to the Gainesville scene this summer.

  4. My team won't let me (or anyone) race unless we wear helmets. So I bought a white skateboarding helmet because the my friend Tom said I looked like a Storm Trooper.