Monday, August 17, 2009

I Really Hate Miami's Official Music Review: Jacuzzi Boys

We all know that IRHM's true purpose is to issue little blocks of hateful html periodically, only to be read occasionally by Arthur the author, who will giggle to himself as he dreams about being famous for his razor sharp wit and his devilishly good looks: A dream with as much potential for transcending into reality as Miami does of ever becoming a cool place to live. 

With this goal, along with being an excellent source for paragraph-long-sentences and hyphen abuse, IRHM rarely achieves anything else...until today. 

As was mentioned merely one post ago, we are about to enjoy a few lines of adoration towards something great. Moreover, something great which, against all odds, rose from within the fiery hell-sphincter which marks the border of the Miami-Dade County line. This unexpected fresh breath of air is a band called Jacuzzi Boys

All of the talented writers here at IRHM (all zero of them) like to listen to good music, so it was pretty obvious that when Pop Mayhem made its yearly occurrence at Gainesville, Florida, I was there. This is where I saw the Jacuzzi Boys. 

A band which I can only describe as pop-tastic surfer-rock n' roll, Jacuzzi Boys definitely put the "Mayhem" in Pop Mayhem. Somewhat reminiscent of The Cramps, Vocals ranged from achey to antsy to downright wailing, all backed up by 100% grade A guitar licks,  easy going bass, and constantly clashing drums. Jacuzzi boys made music that would be equally at home at a late night club show, or on the beach during a sunny day. The music was fun from beginning to end, with a sort of nolstagic simplicity, harkening to a time when the summers were long, the beers were cheap, and the guitar solos were fucking awesome.

The band is comprised of Gabriel on guitar/vocals, Diego on the drums, and Danny on base. After the show, I did a short interview with Gabriel. Here's a picture from that night.

Arthur: How would you classify your music?

Gabriel: Rock n' roll.   
Arthur: Your music has a distinctly summer feel to it. Is touring during the winter something the band is capable of?

Gabriel: We've played shows in January once, but it's too fucking cold. We're just not built for it. We even got Asthma attacks.

Arthur: Your performance as a band was tight. What's the secret?

Gabriel:We're a pretty close group. We're all latino, and we're like family. It's a latino thing.

Arthur: I noticed you've got some pretty crazy facial expressions on stage. Anything to say about that?

Gabriel: Yeah. We call it the "doc eyes." Or the "Florida Lizard King." 

There may have been more, and the questions might have been different, but I was really drunk, and I'm having a hard time reading or remembering what I wrote in my notebook. In any case, I'm pretty sure there was a part that went like: 

Arthur: Thanks for your time.

Gabriel: Thanks. Check out our myspace to listen to our music, and check for upcoming shows.