Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miami: Out of sight, out of mind.

It's been months, and I'm sure that as the days of your lives slowly pass through the trim waist-line of the hour glass of your existence, you've discovered knew reasons to hate your unfortunate Miamian location with a regularity only otherwise found in a well-fibered diet. Normally I would sympathize. Normally I would blow it out of proportion. Normally I would write about it in the world famous "I Really Hate Miami" blog. However, I've been hate-free recently.

This state of being is certainly not credited to Miami, but only a result of my being away from the dreadful place. I couldn't be happier. I wish it could last forever. To be frank, the fact that I have to return makes my insides grow cold in a fashion most akin to refrigerated milk ingested by my virus-stricken stomach; a wretched organ, ready to hurl back anything offered to it via my bile-soaked esophagus. To be doubly frank, it is only a recently acquired food born illness that has reminded me that life does suck sometimes, and therefore brought my attention back to Miami's existence.

On that note, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posting here, and to explain that it has been my hate-free-ness which has led to me astray. I'll back in Miami shortly, and until then, you can expect a small series of articles showcasing  a city that doesn't suck nearly as hard, and expressing my adoration for things that are awesome. I hope that this temporary bout of positive-mindedness doesn't disturb any of my die-hard, hate-wracked readers. Please stay tuned!