Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flip Flops

Not long ago, while talking to my new friend Steve, I noticed that I could form a line of sight in any direction and easily find one thing I didn't like (eg: palm tree, pot-hole, flip-flops, etc.). Moreover, that thing was inextricably linked to Miami. 

This got me thinking: maybe I should go easier on Miami. 

Then I thought: No, Miami needs to realize that flip-flops are a waste of time already. Get ready for a mega-hate-post in the near future.

In the mean time, if you do happen to wear flip-flops:
b) At least don't buy them from walmart....

Note: these are not my feet.


  1. Why the beef with flip flops? I've got plenty of pros for them.

    1) Clean socks are not always available. And wearing shoes without them can be gross.

    2) Feet, like all parts of the body, should breathe and be exposed to the sun.

    3) Who isn't lazy from time to time?

    4) What else do you wear with short khakis, a hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, and a thick moustache?

    By the way, I'm just teasing. I've actually met you before... once at Critical Mass (firefly) and once off the Hawthorne Trail in G-ville.

    Keep bloggin'.

  2. I remember seeing you in gainesville! it was out in paine's prarie. Thanks for reading, and commenting! Don't worry, I've got a mutually non-serious approach towards everything I say or read ;)