Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wasting Time

The best part about tabbed internet browsing is that you can feel productive while not actually doing anything at all. Try it. In different tabs open...

-your email
-your other email ( you know you have at least 2)
-that message board you always go to
-that web comic you always read
-that internet radio you always listen to
-that awesome shopping website that has the best deals on things you like to buy
-that news site you always read

... and lookit that, you're up to 8 tabs already!

It probably took 10 minutes just to enter all those different usernames and passwords. Within half an hour of mindless clicking, you've gotten absolutely nothing done while feeling relatively accomplished about all the different things you're getting done, and you haven't even started chatting yet.  

Of course, wherever I say "you" in this blog post, I'm actually just referring to "me", and godammit it looks like I really need to spend less time online. 

Still, I'd rather waste my time online wishing Miami never existed, as opposed to wasting my time by existing in Miami. 

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